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  • Kay Neubeck

    I have found a rock amongst a collection that I inherited that I believe may be a star stone. Where can I have it looked at to confirm that it is? Unfortunately it is not complete but it does have the lines on it that continue around the stone, the lines include the. 33 degree lines and what seems to be an arrow.
    It has been broken in half but the lines are very clear and I would love to gain some understanding of its meaning and return it to the elders if they want it.
    Could you please advise me on who I can see about it.
    Thanks in advance

  • Andrew Bradley

    For many years there was a pile of the six sided pillars on the side of the road on the Sunshine Coast. During the 1970’s I worked on a property nearby and was told of a neighbour who had marked out an alleged ancient settlement on his property. Any knowledge of this ?

    • evstrong

      no we haven’t def need to chat on it please email us on

      • Karl

        to Steve and Evan
        I was born in New South Wales but grew up in new Zealand and while it was ok as it were here i beyond a certain point have never been content an to be honest i have no problem being by myself as my assessment of many people is that they are like a field of land mines or wolves in sheep clothing especially if you challenge or contradict their status quo generally calm and left undisturbed
        I considered myself an Australian first and when i discovered the video on youtube about anomalous artifacts and ancient technologies your presentation gave me a sense of pride that it begun in australia and due to circumstances i never accepted the established line at school i was interested in history but the line that implys history is written by the winners should lead one to question the established narrative as under that line history has to be considered suspect as how many times has it been messed with
        another thing is the use of misdirection getting people to focus on the lovely assistant while the real deed is done with out attention so yes certain conspiracy theories appeal but as a result i try to look beneath what is being presented i have watched a lot of alternative history videos an documentary’s and have a more out there view of the worlds history even perhaps pieced some clues together as a lot of it is otherwise disconnected areas which some could say is perhaps diliberate
        i am of a seculiar inclination while i do not add hear to the established religions unlike others my mind can not dismiss certain distinctions and would say that iam spiritual to a degree i just cant say if the judeo christian god is nesscessarily the genuine thing as for islam my inquiry of it lead me to consider it a threat even more so than judeo christianity which was manipilated at nicea and taken out of context was it a product of the flavians of Rome i believe that the the message older than we know and that it perhaps tracks back to australia through the egyptians

        are you aware of the kimanawa ranges wall a you tube video i saw lead me to surmise it has that gympie south american thing going on but was destroyed by Taupo eruption their is a documentary called nz’s sekeletons in the closet a 2 -3 part series that mentions surpressed discoveries an knowledge

        the late lloyd pyle i believe had a theory about the other homonid skeletons connecting them to big foot an yowie etc an other possibillity’s that might be of interest

        charles Kos while he has some interesting videos their was one about another aboriginal megalithic sight he mentioned now gone i believe in victoria or south australia

        this is some thing i attempted with a world map that i used with australia in the centre outline the ancient river based early civilizations
        indus valey civilization
        sumer civilization gobekli tepe etc egypt and others even in the america’s and other ancient sites and connecting them australia becomes more crediable via the coast and up rivers

        their has been certain things about people waking up and i perhaps have always been awake however my mind while it acknowledges many of these truths and try to do good iam inclined to take the position that while one hopes for peace it is best to have good security – defence as a deterent it is sound to help others in their own country an home

  • alan coward

    its alan coward I cant email lol 🙂
    I see only similarity in the sepher yetzirah and your aboriginal stuff.
    I think that’s why I dreamnt of you at the cabba?
    22 letters/sounds (the arc = 22 in numbers 1 , 18, 3) the ‘animals’ went in 2×2 (+1 GOD 23)
    10 numbers
    and symbols like the tetractys, bulls eye, seal of soloman, and the libra sign
    Law – like mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, gender, cause and effect, rythum
    explains why freemasonic hand signals can communicate with originals
    coming from both ways, manly p halls says just that when talking of gender
    in Gods image, conscious and bisexual
    thou may be free of the road – thoth, when the 2 become 1
    the road being our system viewed south-north with Sirius at the top in the southern region of birds, noahs dove – Columba, phoenix etc
    unas pyramid quote ‘o king you become this great star, the companion of orion, you traverse the sky with orion. the bull of the sky has given you his hand.’
    thoth says when the 2 become 1 you exchange the form for the formless 😉
    the cosmic serpent is wrapped around the belt of orion, and the horses head nebula is a cobra head nebula
    air water and fire signs come from this, the differing personalities
    7 virtues – wisdom, riches, life, power, peace, grace
    sins – foolishness, poverty, sterility, death , SERVITUDE, war, deformity
    thoth also warns against angles in his tablets, they are evil, instead we should seek arcs
    this explains all the terror attacks as against God, 22/13/4 columa (Columbia, columbine), air attacks such as polluted tobacco and chemtrails, gender attacks as in lgbt, aliens responsible for crop circles when its clearly divine geo patterns, etc etc etc
    thoth says ‘the father mother mind is where universes are born’
    all of these stars I have mentioned contain nebula

    what I am saying is, does your rocks ultimately say that Sirius is God, and that orion is the prime creative agency, and that Taurus is the personality and colour creator?
    if what I discovered is true it should be an exact copy more or less, better if its the original?

    the bulls eye – seen as an apple / torus – cycling (nothing rests) all that was, is, and Will be…

    good day chaps I will sort out an email but they’re stopping me lol… they know I’m at a computer before I do… I know as they recommended an email for me on my neighbours computer from before I lived here in this town?

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