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Forgotten Origin Contributions Program

To become a highly valued supporter of Forgotten Origin research, please select a monthly amount from the drop-down box and click ‘Subscribe’

Get Involved with Forgotten Origin


Your level of involvement is determined by your contribution:

• Donate $5 (AUD) per month for a year, or a $60 (AUD) one-time contribution, and receive a 12 monthly subscription to our newsletter detailing recent activities and future plans, as well as an invitation to join the Forgotten Origin Facebook group and share in some of the discussion and expertise that guides our team.

• Donate $10 (AUD) per month for a year, or a $110 (AUD) one-time contribution, and receive all the above plus a free copy of our books (as an e-book).

• For those willing to invest $20 (AUD) per month for one year, or a donation of $220 or more, we will also include a signed copy of the print edition of our Books. We will invite you to join us in the field for a sites tour as well.


For One Off Donations:-


  1. Buy our books available at our E-store, Amazon, University Press of America and Book Depository: Forgotten Origin, Mary Magdalene’s Dreaming & Constructing A New World Map.
  2. Spread the word: through Social Media
  3. Sign up to our newsletter and or Blog
  4. Of course we welcome any suggestions or feedback
      *(We appreciate any help you can offer as we are a loyal and hardworking team of volunteers who do this mainly out of own pockets. We thank you for any contribution large or small. Donations will be put to good use in continuance of uncovering the Forgotten Origins of our History.)

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