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  1. Monika Lawrence
    November 4, 2020

    I heard of you two awesome people just the other day on a podcast (Earth Ancients) and it floored me! This prophecy sounds like the sequel to the lord of the ring movies! I strongly feel, though, that we better take this seriously!
    The virus? Makes total sense now. The whole toilet paper craze, is, to me a perfect analogy of what a great big pile of crap the whole thing was and is. But, here it is, part of the prophecy, WOW!
    I’m sharing it far and wide, it’s so fascinating i haven’t felt such excitement ( with a bid of anxiety, truth be told) in a long time.
    I live in western Canada, and will definitely send all my love to our beautiful Patchamama, I have been praying for her to cleanse herself for some time now! A little confuse about the time conversion, though, if someone could enlighten me, I would be grateful.
    Much love and blessings all around


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