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  1. SpectateSwamp
    August 19, 2017
  2. Chris McGrath
    November 1, 2015

    I am not a geologist. I have enjoyed the beauty of rocks for many years.

    I love being reminded by nature that we are critters. That we are not the centre of everything on our planet. I wonder are the claims being made about these rcoks another example of humankind following our well worn anthropocentric pathway?

    These rocks are interesting and beautiful. Why do we, as humans, have a need to attribute phenomena, like the patterns, as being ” … no doubt whatever that human hands were working …”.

    Does it necessarily follow that because we have the intellectual capacity to observe and measure the patterns using criteria we have devised that these same patterns are made by an intelligence similar to ours?

    Do they necessarily have any relationship with us other than being anomalous and being on Earth?

    And if they are examples of an “intelligence” using “technology” then I will be delighted. Especially if there is a message about living in harmony with all forms on our beautiful planet.


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