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  1. Lisa Raphael
    January 1, 2018

    During ritual last July with the ancient rocks of which Steven Strong is the caretaker, I was guided to place myself at the centre of site of the standing stones. The details of how I got there are not important. Somehow, I knew where to lie down, my whole body in contact with the ground to receive the energies. I received two clear message …WE ARE HERE…..and IT IS ENOUGH…and a deep knowing that restoring the standing stones physically to the site is not important. Energetically, the site is intact…..


  2. Q-pid Indigo
    December 20, 2017

    I was left a strange message in my chat on Fb one day. “we lava avory ting dat u do!” I was from my bro in Australia but I knew it wasn’t him. Then I got a call. It was him with Gr. Gr. Gramma Nellie, CHIEF of WOMANS LAW, Australia! My bro was chosen by her to interpret for her. He told me she wanted to contact me. I KNEW why. I began to describe a vision I had many times looking for the Mountain of Ur. I looked all over the middle east but nothing fit the visions description. I
    knew to tell her a few other things about the vision. In particular, I said, “HOLY FIRE UPON THE MOUNTAIN!” And she shocked everyone by jumping up and down in her wheelchair!
    She began to tell me the history of the “HOLY MOUNTAIN ULURU”. She said it was UR! Where Father Abraham was born! She said “WE ARE JUDAH! JESUS CAME TO US A LONG TIME AGO AND TOLD US WHO HE WAS”. I went to the site online and found it in –>TJUTI NATIONAL PARK. –>TJUTI =JUTI =JUDAH!? WOAHA!
    Of any woman on Earth she is the GRAND MATRIARCH holding the OLDEST DNA KNOWN ON THE PLANET!


  3. John Paul
    December 14, 2017

    So what’s the go with the land for the standing stones now? Wasn’t the owner going to build units on it? how much is he selling the land for? It couldn’t be too much being that it’s a regional area could it? Is this why you were trying to get the government to help and make it a national park or something? just curious as it wasn’t mentioned in the article. I hope you guys find a solution 🙂


  4. Richard Gabriel
    December 12, 2017

    Yet another example so prevalent throughout the world today – where principles of Possession are dressed as Principles of faith or belief… Knowledge and understanding transcend Possession – which only serves to expose the ignorance and self-service of its master.


  5. Pratima
    December 12, 2017

    Without really knowing the intention of our mayor, I would like to suggest, that he found himself in a rather difficult situation, where he was under pressure from the two groups of Original people who objected to the revealing of the preciousness of this ancient site.
    He probably knew that there are other Original people groups who support the reconstruction of the site, but as the groups against are members of the Land Council- the Tweed Byron LAC and the Arakwal Corporation it must have been very difficult for him to go against them and remain neutral on the matter.
    Knowing how many matters our mayor has to deal with, and regarding him with great respect, I would like to suggest that we dont blame him personally so much and have some compassion for the difficult situation he probably found himself in.

    I would just like to add that the proof of the existence of the site comes from the letters and documentation of Frederic Slater the head of the Australian Archaeological and Education Research Society, also known as the Australian Archaeological Society. He drew out the exact position of all the stones in a diagram made in 1939, the year before the site was bulldozed by the farmer’s son, because the government wanted to confiscate his land from him claiming that it was a heritage site.


    • Kerri
      March 3, 2018

      Nice guy or not, it was the way this was handled – no conflict resolution methodology employed here – full bazooka autocracy! Bad management of a sensitive issue obviously intended to eliminate the possibility of a right of reply – not intended to be politically diplomatic now was it. Going broadscale public with such a culturally delicate issue, he was under pressure alright, but it wasn’t from the two sides in the conflict – only one, plus maybe some heavy top-down ‘directives’. That’s how the false narratives have been imposed historically and how they’ll continue to hide the true story going forward unless warrior spirits speak up and preserve culture. Engaging in genuine discussion could have agreed on a different way forward, but we’ll never know since ‘no, keep it a secret’ (which it already isn’t, especially since every ratepayer in the country now has the skinny on it) isn’t really an explanation for mutual understanding.


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