Event: Live from Uluru

December 15, 2020 evstrong 2

IMAGINE You are in the heart of Australia’s red centre, the solar plexus of the world  — ULURU.  This is the epicentre of a world-wide […]

Chapter 5: Online Conference

October 10, 2020 evstrong 0

BUY YOUR TICKET (Click on Icon Below) Klaus Dona, Michael Tellinger, Steven & Evan Strong, Dr. Rita Louise, Lea Kapiteli, Harries Carroll. Awesome speakers with […]

Dec. 21st Uluru

October 9, 2020 evstrong 651

=== === === Stop Press the ceremony is definitely on …. the timing we have been given was wrong, the proper time is at least […]

Please Help Save Kariong

September 12, 2020 evstrong 4

Dear friends and supporters, Our community are shocked and disturbed by a proposal for a new housing estate next to Bambara at Kariong! Please read […]

Our Next Online Event

September 9, 2020 evstrong 0

Our Alien Ancestry: Kariong Calling (Chapter 4) Tickets Available: Click on Icon Below⇓ After several sold-out events, we are bringing this to the world as […]

Our Next Online Event

July 31, 2020 evstrong 0

Our Alien Ancestry: Oldways-Newdays (Chapter 3) Click on Icon Below Promo Video https://youtu.be/z3Balb_uXgo The Change Is Coming: explores Alien & U.F.O. involvement and our past, […]

Next Online Event

June 10, 2020 evstrong 0

Our Alien Ancestry: What Comes Next (Chapter 2)- Online TICKETS: (click on icon below) The Change Is Coming: explores Alien/UFO involvement and our past, present […]