Cancer is a Gift (Part 3)

8,6,4,3,2,2 … (Cancer is a Gift-Part 3)

By Steven Strong

Fifteen months ago my wife was knocking on heaven’s door, and according to all the medical experts, it was a one-way ticket. Her blood cancer count was over 670,000, the spread of cancers were so large and numerous her stomach had been squashed ‘pancake flat,’ and at best the oncologist felt she had a few months left.

Within four months of being ‘sung to death’ with a prognosis of Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma, the two main cancers and entourage of smaller off-spring had vanished, her cancer count is firmly established under the bar set at twelve and the oncologists now refer to my wife as the “miracle patient.” In the previous two articles we have proven through science, logic and the lack of any alternative effective ‘mainstream’ medication, that the Medicinal Cannabis Oil was the primary agent in her recovery. There is absolutely no doubt as to its main role in fighting and killing the cancers spread throughout her body. The results of her last six blood tests, which are spread over nine months have been supplied in the title. Knowing that every person on the planet has at least one cancer cell in their blood and at the ready to implant and multiply once the conditions are favourable, her last two scores of two are better than over 99% of the general population.

However, there is a lot more to Del’s recovery than this precious Oil. I still remember the day the oncologist ‘pointed the bone’ at my wife trying desperately to extinguish any hope of living, and my trip to Nimbin the day they tried to extinguish the mainstay of the Hippocratic oath, “physician heal thyself.” When purchasing the first of many vials, I asked the gentleman assisting what were her chances. He began his reply by first setting out a backdrop and last choice scenario. Inevitably the decision to try Medicinal Cannabis Oil is the final course of action after all mainstream treatments have been exhausted, and because of this most of those who came to them were palliative and on death’s door. Despite the extremely late arrival, there was hope at the end of the tunnel, as his call of 50/50 is light years ahead of “put your affairs in order,” and wait compliantly to die.

These odds were both an incentive to treasure and an avenue demanding more science. Why 50/50? That means that two people can take the same Medicinal Cannabis Oil, and one dies while the other lives. Why was it that on the same day my wife began taking these drops, another woman with a far less serious cancer of the breast took the same drops and died within three months? It certainly works brilliantly in my wife’s case, yet for another very little happened. It is a question that demands a lot more consideration than has presently been shown, and is the main focus of this report.

Fifteen Months ago

Fifteen months past laying in hospital with every expectation my wife would never leave, thus explaining why the nurses suggested that I sleep alongside her bed, she is now walking three kilometres a day up and down steep hills, rises at six in the morning, gardens, paints and goes to bed around nine in the evening. She is most assuredly one of 50% who survive.

The cancer she had is arguably the worst of a very bad lot from which no-one has survived, ever. The two main cancers were both over 15 cms and until the introduction of the oil, thriving. After the first vial her cancer count had dropped by nearly half a million, the science is unequivocal the Medicinal Cannabis Oil is overwhelmingly the main agent responsible for killing these cells. That fact alone leads us to cringe whenever so-called spokespeople prosecuting the case for Medicinal Cannabis Oil, leave any of the more advanced cancers out of the possible areas to be cured. Time after time we hear these people play down its efficacy when discussing its impact on advanced cancers. That is incorrect, and all it does is discourage those suffering and seeking hope.

We believe that under the right conditions, with Medicinal Cannabis Oil at the helm, every form of less aggressive cancer can be controlled and possibly defeated. It is our suspicion that the Oil takes on the role of ‘Gandalf’ in unmasking the enemy (orcs/cancer) and leading the supporting forces in battle, but on his own he will assuredly fail. So too will this natural God-given medicine fail in its allotted task if it has to fight solo. Not only must there be a substantial contribution from the immune system and Killer-cells, it has to be more than a token effort made by a few stragglers who have survived an earlier onslaught of chemo or radiation, anything less than a real and present immune system contributing is fatal.

Seven Steps to Survival

To that end, we will present a list of seven essential survival tips that we believe will assist the cannaboids in their battle with some very dark forces. In this journey where no-one has been before, every piece of medical advice from the ‘sons and daughters’ of the father of modern medicine who subscribe to the Hippocratic Oath has been of no help, or would have killed my wife. Nothing they said or did assisted, but not so Hippocrates, his ancient words have been a blessing and the direction we have taken.

“Let food be thy medicine.” We did as instructed, every drop, piece, chunk or slice has to feed the body, immune system and everywhere else, except the cancer.

  1. One focus relates to what can’t be eaten when cancer grows and seeks more energy. No sugar, natural, artificial, brown, castor it doesn’t matter, for the cancer this is ‘manna from heaven’ with a guaranteed death sentence. The sad thing is that most fruit falls foul to the same craving, cancer will happily accept many fruits whether mass-produced or organic. Alas, the same rules apply to glucose, which can be readily absorbed as energy by any tumour. Outside berries, apples, papaw and passionfruit, we found all other fruits either too rich in fructose or acidic.
  2. Cancer prospers and multiplies in an acidic environment. Getting the balance right means alkaline foods are a priority. Del has one fresh lemon squeezed and mixed in water before eating every morning. That alkaline flush to start the day definitely worked in her case. We made sure any food high or moderately acidic, is no longer eaten. That obviously includes all red meats, but for reasons we do not understand, seafood is quite alkaline.
  3. Feed the immune system daily. The fight is on in earnest and Gandalf needs new forces each day and a steady supply of provisions for whoever is at the cancer-front. A freshly squeezed mixture of apple, beetroot, dandelion leaves, ginger, turmeric, celery and carrots is still a part of each morning regime. The pulp and roughage is removed to speed up digestion, the quicker this concentrated energy food reaches the front-line fighters the better. Complementing this liquid tonic is a second blend that was meant to maintain protein levels and general well-being. A smoothie of sheep’s yoghurt, coconut milk, frozen organic berries, kale leaves, spirulina and rice protein powder now completes the morning check list of ‘medicine-food.’
  4. Oxygenation of the blood stream is essential. Cancer is very uncomfortable in areas high in oxygen, and if present in sufficient numbers can cause distress. Del began walking from day one of her recovery program and set goals further in terms of a metre to begin with, then a little further. But not on the flat, up and down steep hills builds up stamina and oxygen intake. She finds walks on the beach pleasant, but one fifth as taxing.
  5. Cleanse the head of all negativity. Turn off the news on TV, that is guarantee of frustration. Do not waste your time holding grudges or speaking poorly of others. The residual negative aftertaste stays behind and will reappear in a different guise, cancer is one that readily comes to mind. Sit in the bush, on the beach, calm your soul and head and maintain balance. If your head is spinning and heart pumping through frustration or righteous indignation, how can that cure a life-threatening cancer?
  6. Ignore the oncologist and the curse placed upon you. When this person with a white coat and clip-board sung the patient to death they immediately broke a fundamental tenet of Hippocrates’ inheritance, “physician heal thyself.” What right did this person have in saying you must die? How has that helped? Knowing that many papers on the topic report a death rate of over 20% within two weeks of a patient receiving a terminal prognosis, who should the patient fear the most? The cancer did not kill them, the doctor did that instead. He or she sung their patient to death. Instead of saying we have nothing that can help, but there COULD be alternatives and leaving a thin slither of hope, it’s the baby and the bath water thrown out together. That is nothing more than very bad medicine and a huge disappointment to Hippocrates.
  7. “Physician heal thyself.” Yes good food will help, a stable relaxed environment can’t hurt, high of alkaline input and plenty of the very best food adds to the chances of survival, but what comes second after the blessed Medicinal Cannabis Oil has to be what goes on inside the patients head. Not so much what is said aloud, but thought in the quiet moments when doubt starts to take hold and credence is given to the executioner’s verdict. This is where ‘Gandalf’ comes to the rescue, I tell the many people who have contacted me asking for advice, that when they take each drop look upon that oil as being Gandalf leading the same fight he won in a fictional epic. Take control of the cancer and allow the oil to lead the battle. If that thought is repeated at every dose, a routine develops and an outlook is cemented on to the positive. Under those conditions of unwavering self-belief, the physician within can indeed “heal thyself.”


That’s basically the sum total of Del’s approach and recovery to this stage. She is now working with who we regard as the best professional available in relation to cleaning her body out of the very sinister chemo she took on the promise it could not kill, but delay the inevitable. Knowing the poisons used to fight cancer stay in the body for years before it is cleaned out, the road ahead is clear of cancer, but there may be some chemical spillage in the gutters still to mop up.

With no mainstream medical help or guidance ahead we made the decision to maintain a preventative dosage of five drops taken throughout the day, half the amount needed when the cancer was active. And that is the constant companion in this unknown equation, what constitutes active, is it completely gone, who knows? So with prevention the first and only option, it is full steam ahead on half dose until …

We began on the day of my wife’s official prognosis of death without exemption, three hours later it was a 50/50 proposition. Over the next months it became a 100% certainty of survival and the oil was the main reason. For any who may cling to an allegiance to chemical solutions and find such claims troubling and suggest this was solely due to an incredible resolve and mind control of Del, that she alone through a freak occurrence willed herself better, we suggest they check her diary. It took two months of taking the oil and two phenomenal blood test results, before she wrote in her personal records that she actually believed she could beat the undefeated. The two previous papers we have written and posted present undeniable science and logic in support of the Medicinal Cannabis Oil being the principle healing agency, all that entry in her diary does is confirm this truth.

Four Litres of Cardboard Wine or a Vintage Bottle of Champagne

The science is in, the oil has had a win. Since that victory we know personally of many, many others with fantastic results ranging from a lessening in count to full remission and the collateral damage of utterly shocked oncologists. What has been totally lost in the supposed public interest and government prevarication in working out how to deal with the groundswell of positive results, is that while not all wine is the same, it is even more true that not all cannabis oil is the same. There are rumours of government trials using leaf, which I would only use as compost. Others work with poor heads low in oil content sourced from an inferior strain which leads on to a final product that will not be as medicinally powerful. On the open market one ounce of heads can sell at between $100-500 depending on quality and timing.

Not only is it advisable to spend more and guarantee a higher oil content, it is unwise to assume that all expensive oil is equally medicinal. It is well known that the Kush strand is the most therapeutic and very high in oil and THC. That is the strand we have used exclusively, there have been variations over 22 vials, but it is always a form of Kush. We have no doubt that when choosing wine, there is more than one variety of grape, and each has its own taste and characteristics. Do the scientists and government officials appreciate the nuances of this plant and understand that different strands even exist? Just like wine, one size does not fit all. Could it be that the Kush strand is the only one capable of defeating this type of cancer?

Past all the distractions and denials, this is a positive story with light at the end of the tunnel. The best part of my wife’s recovery is that it has not only given hope to those condemned to die a painful messy death, others have reported back to us of their full recovery, or at the very least dramatic improvement. Her story acts as a lighthouse and proves that if one vial of Medicinal Cannabis Oil can kill close to half a million cells of one of the worst cancers in less than a month, the sky is the limit.

We have tried many times to get this story of hope and recovery into a variety of mainstream media outlets, and on each occasion when it seemed a result was at hand, powers from above stepped in and nothing more happened. At least doing it this way the whole truth is shared, and we encourage the reader to pass this on to others. Bearing in mind that one out of two people born today in a developed country will suffer a serious cancer, it is not as if people would not care as their number could be the next called. Unfortunately, there are some vested interests that will lose massive amounts of money if a natural, non-patented seed can grow into a plant which anyone can grow, harvest and then make into oil and not spend one cent.

Whatever the reasons for getting in the way, it doesn’t matter. My wife took the oil and is alive and well, other people know about that and some of them have also recovered or improved. That is a good-news story which has its own momentum, a massive market and costs nothing to grow. Nothing can stop this truth and best of all, the Medicinal Cannabis Oil is proven to work and there are no physical side-effects. That is a win-win situation and places chemo a distant …


  • Hi Steve

    Fantastic news for Del, You and the family!

    A close family member has battled and defeated breast cancer, a malignant 30cm sarcoma on an artery that was delicately and successfully removed, but, she now has lung and liver cancer.

    It is migrating around her body and she has been told to go home and get her affairs in order, aka “pointing the bone”.

    I would be so very grateful if you could please give me the description and supply details of the Medicinal Cannabis Oil.

    I live in Western Australia.

    Kindest regards


    PS: I’m very keen to read your book, I’ve read reviews and the synopsis, Out of Australia: Aborigines, the Dreamtime, and the Dawn of the Human Race.

  • Mint Pharikan

    Hi Steve can you send me the contact and which one you used as my cousin has stage 4 liver cancer and only a few months also.

  • Francine Dessaix

    HI Steven,
    Thanks to contact with you in Jan this year through a mutual acquaintance, I used the oil + elixer early this year for breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and stayed on the oil.
    Now I want to stay on a maintenance dose. After ringing The Hemp Embassy last month I only bought the THCA which I was told is replacing the CBC oil I was using earlier and I was advised I didn’t need the Elixer for maintenance. I am taking 3-6 drops a day.
    Because of your experience I am telling you all this in the hope you can clear a few things up for me.
    Such as : Is Del using CBD or THCA?
    This new mixture is in hemp seed oil which the earlier CBD wasn’t – is this what you get?
    How can I really know where the oil is coming from and if it is the kush variety? How can I find out?
    As you know from Del and your experiences, it is a lonely road when professionals don’t want to know or get involved and finding out information is a winding road .
    Thanks for any advice,

    • evstrong

      Hi Francine,
      Del never used pure CBD. Always both the CBD and THC together. I knew they were using hemp oil instead of alcohol, so don’t worry it is still the Kush strand. Some people react to the small amount of alcohol. When it comes to preventative dosage, more can never hurt. Del was on ten but now four for prevention, everything is still fine. Hope this helps. Cheers Steve

  • Carmel Billett

    Could you please email me your contact for oil in nimbin I have been given the death sentence due to a rare brain cancer all the research l have done says only the oil will help me I have 3 kids that need me to live

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