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  1. Johnny Wyz
    August 10, 2016

    Petrus you’ve supplied nothing to the contrary to debunk the theories put forth by Steven & Evan.
    All you have done is tried to ridicule & discredit them without being insolent while praising your ability to insult without obsenities.
    It wouldnt surprise me that you post here with an antiproductive agenda possibly to interfere with their progress.

    The fact of the matter is that Steven & Evan have a vast knowledge of the Kariong glyphs & that any intelligent local council member would support,should try to help clear the area for them to study further & also open the site to the public as a tourist attraction for Gosfords benefit.

    Its very simple,let the public make up their own mind as to what the glyphs represent & the history that goes along with it,timelines of events of our civilisation are constantly being adjusted anyway.
    Keep us up to date & thanks for the amazing things you’ve shared with us Steven & Evan.
    Please follow up with the Australian stonehenge.
    P.S i recently slept 200 metres away from the UK stonehenge,was a sensation.


  2. petrus
    May 9, 2016

    i left a comment on this article that may have been unwelcome criticism in the moderators view. I’d like to think it is still awaiting approval and that it hasn’t been rejected due to a conflict of opinions. if the authors of this article/site aren’t willing to publish fair comments ( with obviously no obscenities or defamatory statements )then that to me shows the same narrowness of vision as those who won’t listen to any evidence of pre-cook non-original cultures.


  3. petrus
    May 8, 2016

    hi.. I’m sorry but i sense a giant bundle of straws and some furious grasping. I understand your need to uncover legitimate artifacts to support your theories but what i read in the above article strikes me as wishful thinking in the extreme. I’m open to some of the very real possibilities contained in certain aspects of your theories but there comes a point where this type of ‘investigation’ makes your whole endeavor look foolish and maybe just a little delusional. If you want to get your message across to the people you really must limit the nonsense- it comes across as desperate.I think your tying way too hard to see something that isn’t there. If these rocks are in any way at all like you say well then the folk who produced them were doing nothing but making marked rocks as i see identical stones in nearly every creek/river/stormwater drain in the country. Very prolific stone markers if what you conjecture has any truth. Please stick to a semi-credible narrative. Regards Petrus


    • evstrong
      May 9, 2016

      The idea we are desperate is a value judgment which you entitled to, but it is wrong. We are fully aware of the danger of walking down this path, but in consultation with elders they insist we do so. Yes the whole idea of pointing of rock and getting any reaction seems foolish. surely you must at least give us credit that we do understand how nonsensical this all seems. But the rods and meters have moved, why I don’t know, but it happens whenever the rocks are brought out and a dowser plies his or her trade. I (Steven) rarely respond on any form and have no problem with a different opinion and that is not reason to edit or delete. This time around we disagree, We want to find out why and are prepared to offer opinions, as per the norm we do separate the two, but it is our right to be bold and suggest. Main thing is this, if the rocks did not spin the rods who did? If they did actually spin the rods, isn’t it good science to ask why and look further?


  4. Antoinette Stones
    April 13, 2016

    Very fascinating. Thank you for taking on this stunning subject.


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