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  1. simon
    August 23, 2017

    everything you have written here is excellent except chapter titled “December 2012, Five Metres From the Finishing Line”
    fact checking reveals that “originals”, had no knowledge of the existence of the Gosford Glyphs. And the so called Egyptian glyphs are most definitely fakes. There is very little scientific evidence of Egyptian contact with the original people. There is a lot of evidence supporting civilised existence here for 50,000 years. Unfortunately a lot of this archeological research has been discovered in the last 7 years. I would a expect a few more decades of research to be done before the whole world starts adjusting their history books.


    • Annagrace
      January 5, 2018

      so one wonders just where “simon” did his fact checking–with whom and what and on what basis are his ‘facts’ correct??? Has he visited the site as I have and for what reason would they be ‘fakes’??–“Little scientific evidence’?—by what so called authority? Amazing finds are being discovered on many continents these days by people who have real inquiring and open minds. There have been civilizations aplenty on this planet and those who claim to ‘know’ and be ‘experts’ are usually ignorant in the extreme and just repeating what they have been taught–and the lies that the ‘establishment’ want to perpetuate–instead of the truth.
      And what ‘archaeological evidence’ is he referring to that has been discovered in the last 7 years.?
      I suggest you watch that EGO simon–one of these days you are going to trip over it and fall flat on your ‘all-knowing–know nothing face’. –representative of the ‘establishment’ which thinks it knows all–and in fact is as empty of real knowledge as it can possibly be.


  2. Monika Linton
    June 4, 2017

    Wonderfully written. A very succinct account of the lack of understanding and intelligence in regard to the Original People and their ancient knowledge. Bringing forth truth in this day and age requires more than what is offered up by those with a puffed-up notion of the over-riding importance of University education and/or a sense of racial privilege. A preferential belief system doesn’t allow for seeing truth, as it is.
    A small breakthrough, hopefully leading to other greater ones would definitely be to keep anyone from climbing Uluru. When people are injured or have a heart attack doing this gruelling climb the Anangu take this on as their responsibility, with one of their own also suffering similarly. Huge fines would help in this regard with these being given to the Original caretakers. One act of respect would hopefully lead to others and become regarded as the norm…in time.


  3. James
    February 23, 2017

    Look exactly like the rocks at the roundabout on the way into Byron and like any other landscaping pillars I’ve seen. Nice of the owner to let you on his land to take photos.


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