Forgotten Origin

2 Day Conference Event at Bryon Bay

The Change is coming : explores Alien/UFO involvement and our past, present and future.

About this Event

An sequentially themed conference exploring How the World will shift/change through the Extraterrestrial/ Alien/UFO influences/involvement in our past, present and future:

At the Discovery Holiday Park – Bryon Bay Conference Centre

Four Presentations on Day 1 (28th Nov.):-

  • Steven & Evan Strong: The History, Artifacts
  • James Bartley: The Proof of Aliens & Government
  • Lea Kapiteli: The Aliens up close
  • Brendan D. Murphy: The Change and how we will change

*Includes Morning Tea & Lunch

$90 for the whole day

Day 2 (29th Nov.) two Workshop sessions:-

  • Steven & Evan Strong- The magic & sacred rocks
  • Brendan D. Murphy – DNA activation/meditation

$30 per session

ACCOMMODATION available at the venue

(For 20% discount use promo code: STARBYRON19)

BOOKING: 0266857378 or

Tickets Here:-


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