2 Day Conference Event at Bryon Bay

The Change is coming : explores Alien/UFO involvement and our past, present and future.

About this Event

An sequentially themed conference exploring How the World will shift/change through the Extraterrestrial/ Alien/UFO influences/involvement in our past, present and future:

At the Discovery Holiday Park – Bryon Bay Conference Centre

Four Presentations on Day 1 (28th Nov.):-

  • Steven & Evan Strong: The History, Artifacts
  • James Bartley: The Proof of Aliens & Government
  • Lea Kapiteli: The Aliens up close
  • Brendan D. Murphy: The Change and how we will change

*Includes Morning Tea & Lunch

$90 for the whole day

Day 2 (29th Nov.) two Workshop sessions:-

  • Steven & Evan Strong- The magic & sacred rocks
  • Brendan D. Murphy – DNA activation/meditation

$30 per session

ACCOMMODATION available at the venue

(For 20% discount use promo code: STARBYRON19)

BOOKING: 0266857378 or https://www.discoveryholidayparks.com.au/caravan-parks/new-south-wales/north-coast-byron-bay

Tickets Here:- https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/our-alien-ancestry-what-comes-next-tickets-75418961143

OR: https://www.facebook.com/events/530065787728659/


  1. The theory of “them coming here” to “do something” is flawed.
    It would take one simple rock from another planet to eventually produce what was there on another planet here and if anything was to leave here and go somewhere else what was here would end up there at some stage. The universe is entangled but massive bodies are kept seperate by dark matter (space)for a reason. If the objects get separated from the original mass the force of destruction manifests to put it back into entanglement. From research I can determine that human civilisation was influenced by a comet or a planet (or by ancient Buddhist texts more like a craft with deceased beings on it)striking a spot in south Australia which formed lakes along the Murray. This comet or craft bought in outside material from elsewhere and through contact simply touching it this changed the thought pattern of the men and women in the area giving knowledge from where it came from and other esoteric sciences were developed. It was essentially the birth place of a change of thinking. The original “gods” that went to war and had all these powers had simply worked out how to use this material to produce what most call “magic”an outside material the comet debris entangled with the original mind and body to cause a phenomena of magic a change in environment here.To use christian mythology as an example The forbidden fruit in eden would be to influence the mind and the original human system (the chakra system)with that material to make you stronger then YHWH the blood thirsty kill everything but i’m a good guy retard that everyone for some reason can’t use bible hub and read the original text and work it out for themselves. Its the same dude in everything any time its a hero in a text a tablet it can have a different name but its the same retard. He used magic at one point in time to make himself the victor in anything in the past from that time he done the work. All this story crap has the same framework and has enough deception to have you chasing your tail for a lifetime. The carbon dating everyone holds so dear is not accurate all your measuring is how hard that material was to entangle in into its new form from when it was changed by YHWH. The pendulum (with a spirit one you make yourself to work in that part of reality we can’t see) is the only accurate guide to measure somethings true value. Absolute worthless looking crap can at times hold massive amounts of this hidden material that YHWH tried so desperately to hide that is entangled within this creation. The skulls you find that are weird are the original people that have handled a lot of this stuff and have evolved differently as a result of it.

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